"Women Say No" By Hada Sarhan

"Women Say NO" is a collection of interviews conducted with female activists, writers and journalists during my long journey in journalism in local, regional and international media in both Arabic and English languages. The book contains the most important interviews with women from different parts of the world who dared and said "NO" in their lives and fought strongly to protect their choices.
Some of these icons are writer Cathy Kelly (Ireland) Anna Castillo (Chicano novelist), Novelist Laila al-Atrash, Samehi Khreis, Kafa Zoubi, Aya Asmar and Fayrouz Tamimi from Jordan, activists Daisy Khan (India) and Asma Hasan, (Pakistan), businesswomen Isobel Abulhoul (UAE), Journalist Catherine Philip (England) and Marguerite Van Geldermalsen, a tourist from New Zealand who abandoned the civilization and chose to live with her Jordanian husband in caves in the city of Petra. In addition to mothers of American soldiers who were killed in the Iraqi war. Those grieving mothers played a significant role in stopping the U.S/U.K lead war against Iraq.


Hada Sarhan started writing about cultural issues when she was a student at Yarmouk University, where she graduated with a major in English Language. Her exposure to English and American literature enriched her writings. Throughout her career, she has also assisted international media as an interpreter and as a reporter such as the London Times, Stern and others.
She was nominated by the London-based Production Company for the best free lance of the 2010 for her works as a consultant, translator and researcher in international rewarded documentary films titled Serjio, on the explosion of the UN offices in Baghdad and Jihad: The Men and Ideas Behind Al-Qaeda. Currently she is a Columnist and Head of the Cultural and International News Department at Al Arab AlYawm Daily newspaper, Before that, she was the culture reporter at the Jordan Times, the country's only English daily newspaper.
Hada has two books in Arabic: "Reem asks: Who am I?" and "When Men Flee" in addition to a book in English titled "They Make a Difference". Hada Sarhan is a member at: The Jordanian Press Syndicate, Arab Women's Media Centre and Jordanian Writers Association.